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France IPTV-5 [ Promote this link! ]

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Post time: 2023-02-16 15:14:07
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Canal+ FHD FR12860
Canal+ HD FR57012
Canal+ Cinema HD FR5700
Cine+ Premier FHD FR5688
Cine+ Frisson HD FR5690
Cine+ Emotion FHD FR5691
Cine+ Famiz FHD FR8624
Cine+ Club FHD FR12994
Cine+ Classic HD FR7943
OCS Max HD FR38016
OCS City HD FR8619
OCS Choc HD FR8618
OCS Geants FHD FR5635
Action FHD FR13003
Paramount Channel FR16896
Altice Studio HD FR50064
TCM Cinema FHD FR13001
Canal+ Series HD FR5697
Polar+ FHD FR5689
Warner TV FHD FR8629
Serie Club FR8622
TV Breizh FHD FR5605
AB1 HD FR5715
TF1 Series Films FHD FR5662
Syfy FHD FR12968
Syfy HD FR5614
13Eme Rue FHD FR5717
13Eme Rue HD FR12973
Novelas TV FHD FR677836
A La Carte 1 FHD FR12930
A La Carte 2 FR12929
A La Carte 3 FR12928
A La Carte 4 HD FR12927
A La Carte 5 HD FR12926
A La Carte 6 HD FR12925
A La Carte 7 HD FR12924
Orange Cinema FR13023
Orange Cinema [B] FR5632
Orange Cinema Aventure FR5630
Orange Cinema CEst Fait FR5629
✽✽⭒ FR Documentaire ⭒✽✽678946
Planete+ FHD FR5624
Planete+ Crime FHD FR5622
Planete+ Aventure FHD FR12998
Discovery FHD FR12997
Investigation Discovery FHD FR9034
Discovery Science FHD FR5682
National Geographic FHD FR12999
National Geographic HD FR5644
Nat Geo Wild FHD FR16906
Nat Geo Wild HD FR5645
Toute I'histoire FHD FR13000
RMC Decouverte FHD FR5621
Crime District HD FR16923
Animaux FR5712
Histoire FHD FR16916
Histoire FR8570
Toute L Historie FR5606
Science et Vie FHD FR16894
Ushuaia TV HD FR5603
Chasse E Peche HD FR5694
Seasons FHD FR16893
Seasons HD FR5617
Trek FHD FR13005
✽✽⭒ FR Enfants ⭒✽✽678948
Boing HD FR5705
Boomerang HD FR5704
Canal J HD FR5702
Gulli FHD FR16917
Cartoon Network FHD FR12943
Disney Channel FHD FR5681
Disney Junior FHD FR5679
Mangas HD FR625363
Nickelodeon FHD FR5643
Nickelodeon Teen FHD FR16903
Nickelodeon Junior FR5642
Canal+ Kids HD FR12970
Piwi+ HD FR5625
Tiji HD FR5609
Toonami FHD FR16890
TeleToon+ FHD FR16891
J-One HD FR625364
✽✽⭒ FR Musique ⭒✽✽678949
MTV Hits FHD FR8568
M6 Music HD FR5654
Clubbing TV HD FR12939
NRJ Hits HD FR5640
MCM Top FHD FR16911
Trace Africa FHD FR16889
Trace Urban HD FR12963
Stingray Cmusic FR7940
Mezzo FR5652
Djazz TV FHD FR7939
TF1 FHD FR12857
TF1 HD FR5610
France 2 FHD FR5669
France 3 FHD FR12858
France 3 HD FR5668
France 4 FHD FR5667
France 5 FHD FR5666
M6 FHD FR5653
Arte FHD FR12862
MCM HD FR12967
TV 5 Monde FHD FR5604
RTS Un HD FR5619
RTS Deux FR5618
La Une HD FR5657
KTO FR5659
✽✽⭒ FR Des sports ⭒✽✽678947
RMC Sport 1 FHD FR625254
RMC Sport 2 HD FR86352
RMC Sport 3 FHD FR625250
RMC Sport 4 FHD FR625253
Canal+ Sport FHD FR16926
Canal+ Sport HD FR5696
InfoSport+ HD FR12952
Golf+ FHD FR12948
Canal+ Foot HD FR697179
Canal+ Sport 360 HD FR5699
beIN Sports 1 FHD FR5710
beIN Sports 1 HD FR12961
beIN Sports 2 FHD FR12958
beIN Sports 3 FHD FR5708
beIN Sports 3 HD FR12957
beIN Sports 4 Max FHD FR694193
beIN Sports 5 Max FHD FR694194
beIN Sports 6 Max HD FR8538
beIN Sports 7 Max HD FR8537
beIN Sports 8 Max HD FR12956
beIN Sports 9 Max HD FR12954
beIN Sports 10 Max FHD FR12953
Eurosport 1 FHD FR5672
Eurosport 1 HD FR682922
Eurosport 2 FHD FR5671
Eurosport 2 HD FR12951
Equidia FHD FR5675
L Equipe FHD FR5676
L Equipe HD FR5674
✽✽⭒ FR Des nouvelles ⭒✽✽678951
France 24 FHD FR8630
France Info HD FR12971
RT France HD FR648935
Euronews HD FR5673
Cnews HD FR16924
i24 News FHD FR12931
BFM Business FR5707
✽✽⭒ FR Divertissement ⭒✽✽678952
Paris Premiere FHD FR5626
Teva HD FR5611
C8 HD FR5703
W9 FHD FR5601
NRJ 12 HD FR5641
CStar FHD FR5686
6Ter FHD FR13004
Cherie 25 FHD FR5693
Comedie+ HD FR5687
E! Entertainment FHD FR5678
Game One HD FR5663

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